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Walt’s Escape from America!

by Walt F.J. Goodridge, the “Passion Prophet,” author of Turn Your Passion Into Profit and originator of the PassionProfit™ Philosophy & Formula.  © All rights reserved by a company called W

Walt's Escape from America.....to Saipan! | 27 Pages:

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Guam, Part 2 and my return to Saipan!

Oct 15, 2006

So let's see. When last we communicated, I was doing back flips in Payless Market on Guam after having found Ezekiel 4:9 tortilla bread. Well, I calmed down sufficiently to do the workshop for which I was flown in to Guam to do. My clients were the directors of various departments at the Navy Hospital Guam. The 5 day retreat was sponsored by Zita Pangelinan's Pacific Human Resources Company to help the hospital meet some strategic planning objectives. I was the comic relief. No, just kidding. I was there to inject some depth to the concept of harnessing one's passion and unique gifts and channeling them into creating a unique contribution to quality of health care the hospital provides. My workshop kicked of the five day event.
That's me and my class of diligent military personnel. A great group! Made some friends, too.

Back on Saipan, I quickly proceeded to indulge my proclivities, satiate my pangs of desire, live out my fantasies, gorge myself on the pleasures of my new found paradise by doing that thing that men often do....

(scroll down)

....yes, you guessed it, I ate myself silly on the 12 packages of Guam-brought , Ezekiel 4:9 bread like it was going out of style!

sorry, no pictures of me in the act. After all, some things should remain between a man and his tortilla!

That weekend, I found myself participating as a judge in the Renee De Salud Talent Search hosted by Infinity Entertainment and GIG Discotheque.

a prophet's work is never done... at club GIG judging the contestants in the model search competition.

The next weekend, (last night, actually) found me there again judging round 2. During the competition, I took a break to hang out with my buddy Mazz from Ghana (left), and a merchant marine named Sash (middle)

Hey Sash, wake up! Smile for the camera!

Ooops...there's the signal, gotta get back to, um...."work?" And the winners are......

Here are two of the winners of round 2 of the competition, flanked by another judge (left), and the organizer, Irene (right)

Ended up dancing til the wee hours (as opposed, I imagine, to the massively gigantic hours, what on earth does that mean???) Ahem...forgive me...lack of sleep, you understand. Meanwhile, have some great projects I'm working on. And the Food Coop is moving forward quite well. (You can check out www.PacificIslandFoodCoop.org for details)....and I'll keep you posted as things progress. Walt

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