It's Back! Walt's Integrated Life Test

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The Integrated Life Test!
Are you on track to balance passion with career; health with diet; and sexuality with relationship?
What will be YOUR score? (25 Questions)

This is the online version of a test included in the book, The Integrated Life A Blueprint for Balancing Passion With Career, Diet With Health & Sexuality With Relationship by Walt F.J. Goodridge. This unique thought experiment will offer some ideas that may prove helpful as you strive to live a more integrated life. (For Entertainment Purposes Only. Just something to think about!)
How this test is scored
It's nothing fancy, really. I start with a base score of 50 (as in, most people are about average when it comes to living a balanced, integrated life). Then I simply add 1 or more points for each belief I believe might help you head in the direction of more balance and subtract 1 or more for each negative one! There are no right or wrong answers. This is all a subjective exercise intended to give you something to think about!--Walt (author)

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Answer all twenty-five (25) questions beginning with "Country," then press submit for your "Integration Quotient!"
1. Country:
2. Gender:
3. Age range:
4. Select the highest level of education completed
 High School Diploma
 Elementary School
5. Current marital status
 Never married


6. On a scale of 0 to 5, how would you rate yourself on how successfully you are currently living an integrated life? (Choose a number)
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Somewhat)
 3 (At times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
7. If you had to choose one, which would it be, freedom or security
8. "When it comes to getting what I want, it’s typically..."
 I'll settle for some
 All or nothing
9."When it comes to risk, I am comfortable..."
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Somewhat)
 3 (at times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
10. "When it comes to societal rules..."
 Rules are there for a reason
 Rules are made to be broken


11. On a scale of 0 to 5, how much do you enjoy your job or current income strategy?
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Somewhat)
 3 (at times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
12. How often do you get to express your passionpreneur purpose in your job/income strategy?
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Somewhat)
 3 (at times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
13. To what degree are you pursuing your passion OUTSIDE of work hours?
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Somewhat)
 3 (at times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
14. "If I had to choose, I would choose to..."
 Make more money
 Do what I love
15. "I have ideas for products and services I think might have value to others." To what degree is this statement true for you?
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (Every now and then)
 3 (Occasionally)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)


16. How healthy do you consider yourself?
 Below average
 Needs work
 Above average
17. Within what range is your weight? (based on age, gender, height?; see the chart below)
18. Which of these issues have you been diagnosed or deal with?
 High cholesterol
 High blood pressure
 Anger or depression
19. How often per MONTH do you eat fast food? (burgers, pizza)
 10 or more
20. How often per WEEK do you exercise? (walking, jogging, sports)
 0 (Not at all)
 1 (Once per week)
 2 (Twice)
 3 (Thrice)
 4 (4x per week)
 5 (All the time)


21. Do you have a set of "non-negotiables" for your relationships?
 Not really
 Yes, I know what my standards are
22. On a scale of 0 to 5, how often have you compromised your standards simply to have companionship?
 0 (Never)
 1 (Rarely)
 2 (A few times)
 3 (More than a few times)
 4 (Often)
 5 (All the time)
23. Do you share your sexuality/preferences/kinks (even those that others may find embarrassing) with your partner(s)?
 No, I'm reluctant for fear of...
 Yes, I'm very open about who I am
24. "When it comes to non-traditional gender roles and relationships..."
 Keep things the way they've been
 Do your thing, I’ll do mine
25. "I would be willing to move to another city or even another country if I felt it could improve my prospects for meeting compatible partners." To what degree is this statement true for you?
 0 (No)
 1 (Doubtful)
 2 (Tempting)
 3 (I've thought about it)
 4 (I'm doing research)
 5 (Buy my ticket!)
Is there anything you'd like to ask or say about this quiz, or is there something you'd like to share about yourself? I always like to hear from people on the path. Include your name/contact if you wish to be contacted.

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