Turn Your Passion into Profit...AS A WRITER!

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ISBN-13: 978-1523700820 ; ISBN-10: 1523700823

Why I wrote this book

Even before writing my first "how to" book in 1992, I've been coaching and helping others turn their passions into profit. Throughout the years, I've encouaged people to consider writing a book as one of the most practical ways to "profitize" a passion. I've also encountered many aspiring authors who come to me with book ideas, but who seem to get stuck at a certain point in the creative process and never bring their book ideas to fruition. I wrote this book because I believe I have some information, inspiration and ideas I can share help others grow into the writers they wish to be!

What this book will offer you

By the time you finish reading Turn Your Passion Into Profit as a Writer, you'll know how to get closer to becoming a self-sustaining author
• Sell books you've written yourself
• Sell books you've written for others
• Sell books you did not write
• Sell books you've not yet written (within 24 hours of the idea)
• Sell books you'll never write, and
• even Sell books with no words!

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Order the paperback or ebook edition now and 1. You'll pay $0 in shipping! That's FREE! (only if you order BEFORE the publication date), and

2. I'll provide you a special link to a THREE-HOUR "How to Write a Book" workshop I did a few days ago! You'll be able to start and move forward with your writing process even as you wait for the paperback and ebook to be completed and published.

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Here's some of the feedback from the workshop based on the book

"I wrote and published 2 books and writing more. It was an impossible childhood dream but Walt's workshop and coaching made it possible!"--Riza Ramos (www.rizaramosbooks.com)

"Hi Walt, I definitely enjoyed your workshop-in fact, I felt that it (3 hours) was way too short. I wanted more time! It definitely exceeded my expectations. You delivered an insiteful and resourceful presentation, and were also entertaining (not boring). Thank you for sharing."--Della Angel

"Lots of good stuff...(eg. why we don't write, the courage & discipline angle, completion vs perfection, working from lists when the creative process actually takes place, the book-building exercise)"--Gary L.

"I SO much enjoyed today's session and the way you presented it (and yourself). Very inspiring and encouraging to start learning new "stuff" and get started. I can't wait for your next workshop. KEEP GOING !!! :-) Kind Regards"-- Sarka

"Thanks to you I did learn a lot about how to get published; and... dealing with what is basically laziness, what you said about time reminded me that it's really up to me to get it going. There's this old saying back home: 'if you want to do it, there are so many ways; if you don't want to do it, there are so many excuses.' The workshop was very helpful, and you were very informative. PS: Inspired by your workshop, I've returned again to my novel-in-progress, and this time I'm also coming up with a new plan that will, I hope, help me deal with the daily grind instead of just allowing it to sweep me away."--Zaldy D.

Turn Your Passion into Profit

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