Why should you tell me who referred you?

Sometimes I have contests where the person who refers the most people to one of my sites, wins a prize (usually a free copy of one of my books.)

Don't worry, anyone whose email address you enter WILL NOT be added to any list to receive ongoing emails (that would be "spam!"). (Though they're probably already on our list if they referred you.)

He or she will receive a SINGLE, ONE-TIME ONLY Thank You email (see below), and will NEVER be contacted again....UNLESS they win a prize! So, please feel free, and feel safe to tell me who referred you.

SAMPLE THANK YOU EMAIL: (eg from my www.freesummerconcerts.com site)

Dear friend,

Someone you told about FreeSummerConcerts.com (YOUR FIRST NAME) took your advice and signed up on the http://www.freesummerconcerts.com website and will therefore NEVER MISS ANOTHER FREE CONCERT EVER AGAIN! To preserve that person's privacy, we can't reveal their email address, but that referral counts towards you winning a prize! (see below)

Spread the word, and if you're the person who refers the most people by June 30, you will win a free copy of Living True to Your Self