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Paying without a Paypal account

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to complete your order.

Paypal is also a merchant processor, which means they process credit card orders for millions of businesses. In many cases, when you order online, Paypal is actually doing the backend processing of your credit card.

So, even though Paypal is our processor, you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT need a Paypal account to complete your order. The option is visible during the process, but some people miss it.

Step 1: After you click "submit order," you'll be taken to the following screen:

Step 2: At the bottom, click on "Pay with a bank account, debit or credit card, or Paypal Credit," and this new option will appear:

Step 3: Click on "debit card/credit card" and the following option appears:

Then simply complete your order using a debit or credit card.

Note: If you're ordering an ebook or other downloadable product, you'll be redirected back to our site. If not, click on "return to a company called W" or wait for your order confirmation email for the download link.

If you encounter an "You have requested an outdated version of PayPal. This error often results from the use of bookmarks." simply click your browser's back button and try again. If you encounter any difficulties, email us