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New Sight for Sore Eyes (Paperback or Ebook)
"Truth doesn't expire.
Often it simply falls out of favor."

New Sight for Sore Eyes is the modern reissue of Bernarr Macfadden's 1924—now public domain--work, Strengthening the EYES A System of Scientific Eye Training, under a new title, with the goal of maintaining public access to this vital information in new formats.

It is a sad fact of our modern existence that practically everything we've been told, taught and led to believe--particularly about the body, health, sickness, and healing--is, quite frankly, wrong. Don't look at the sun. Glasses can correct your vision. Astigmatism is incurable. Myopia is hereditary. These and other myths, untruths and even "food crimes" are revealed within the pages of New Sight for Sore Eyes. Don't let the original copyright date fool you, truth is timeless. The human body hasn't changed since 1924.

Macfadden's work underscores the Ageless Adept philosophy that the universe is perfect, nature is foolproof, the body is coded to heal and that our access to real and lasting cure exist by design as an instinctive part of natural law as well as that pre-wired, inborn coding. In order to sustain vitality, one need only replicate the earth’s original, pristine conditions of sunlight, air, water, sun earth and (real) food.

As insightful as his conclusions are, Macfadden, like many authors, was limited by the worldview of his culture and times. Consequently, certain content may not “pass” today’s standards of political correctness. The reader who can make allowances for the biases of his time and dig below a few politically incorrect references, will uncover and rescue the underlying philosophy which is, at its core, unassailable: that in his quest for health and youth, man is best served by natural means. You are your own authority

With that said, I present to you, with minimal editing and spelling corrections to the original text, New Sight for Sore Eyes!

--Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of over 24 books including
In Search of a Better Belief System,
The Man Who Lived Forever,
Fit to Breed...Forever!
A Clean Cell Never Dies

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