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Welcome to Saipan!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

And so it is, beginning with my escape from New York on Wed Feb 15,

a five-hour flight to Las Vegas

an aborted escape attempt on Feb 18, resulting in a total 5-day layover in Las Vegas,

a second, successful escape attempt on Feb 21, which included all on the same day:

a one-hour, twenty minute flight to San Jose,

a ten hour flight to Tokyo, Japan

a one-hour flight to Nagoya, Japan

and a four-hour flight to Saipan,

I can finally, on Feb 23rd 2006, end this chapter of my nomadpreneur adventure with the words....

Welcome to Saipan! (Just before going through Customs; I stopped a couple to take this picture...thanks, whoever you are! )

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